Hey I'm Timeesha!

I’m so happy you are here! If you are reading this right now, it says a lot about you… you’re an ambitious go-getter that’s ready to take your biz to the next level!

I was once in your very same shoes (I hope they are a pointy toe stilletto!). You are super passionate about your biz and you are on a mission to build an empire that allows you to be creative, and do what you love full-time (and make money doing it!)

Except, your biz feels more like a super imposed hobby, rather than a successful business. You are sick of the same routine…you know…Sunday night right around 7pm your stomach starts to get that crampy butterfly feeling because you’re dreading the week ahead.


Then it’s here… the dreaded Monday. You’ve got an hour commute to work, you get your coffee just to try to make it through the next few hours, and then you stare at the computer for the next 8 hours daydreaming about what you’re life would be like if you had the freedom to do what you really want, while plotting your exit plan, sneaking in a couple hours to work on your biz and oh yeah… trying to look “busy” doing work that is beneath you.

You’re over it! You know you want a divorce from your 9-5, but this little thing called fear creeps up because the reality is, your business isn’t making the money you need to feel confident to quit, you don’t really have clients knocking down your door to work with you and so you feel stuck, overwhelmed, unfulfilled and depressed.

I’m Timeesha Duncan, Branding Strategist and Business Success Coach for passion driven entrepreneurs who want to divorce their day job and monetize their passion to create an authentic brand that stands out from their competition and gives them the freedom to live the life they crave. 

I was working for the largest most iconic branding and marketing maven in the world, The Coca-Cola Company, while trying to run my business. It was downright draining. I had a position that most people dreamed of having, working for the EVP and President of the company, but all I wanted to do was fulfill my passion as a girlboss fulltime.

But, like you, I wasn’t getting enough clients (and money) coming through the door to give me the confidence that I could actually survive on my own so I was scared to quit.

I became obsessed with building my business so I can leave on my terms, but was still waiting for that “perfect time”. I wanted my business to be perfect, my bank account to be cushy and my life to be amazing – but it wasn’t happening the way I planned.


Then one day, I decided I was done. I resigned with no money in bank (-$125 to be exact) but one thing I knew about myself was that I was a hustler who was determined and ambitious.

I finally felt free, my business felt authentic and I could be the true leader I was born to be. Surprisingly, within 2 weeks of resigning I had made over 5-figures in my business and within 30 days had booked myself solid for the year and continue to make 5-figure months my new normal, something I had never seen at my day job, like ever!

I know you’re thinking, that’s a great story, but just because it worked for you doesn’t mean the same will work for me? And my answer to that is… Your results are up to you!

It didn’t work for me either until I took a stance that I had enough and I wanted more for my life… now.

If you are tired of running a rat race and being unfulfilled, if you want to see change finally happen for you to better your life, if you want to stop making excuses why you can’t and start telling yourself you will…Then the possibilities are absolute for you!  Everything you want already exists!

Want to know for sure if it’s possible?  Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session with me where I will show you the possibilities that are available to you!

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  • I’m originally from NYC (the Bronx to be exact) but live in Atlanta with my amazing hubby and two adorable princes, Jaden and Jordan.
  • I started my career as a model at 14 years old and did print and runway modeling.
  • I’m obsessed with fashion and pop-culture and have an addiction to shoes that I probably need counseling for.
  • My first love is dance. I have been dancing professionally since I was 3 years old. My first break was as a dancer in Jennifer Lopez’s video, Feel So Good, and since then have danced professionally both on and off screen for P. Diddy (he was Puff Daddy back then), Jennifer Lopez, Eve, Missy Elliot, Nelly, and a few others to name a few.
  • I also worked as an image consultant and makeup artist for celebrities and on set productions. 
  • I produced fashion shows, theater productions and did brand development for up and coming artists. 



  • If I’m not working with my fabulous clients or spending time with my family and friends, I am probably choreographing some theatrical piece (or buying shoes).
  • I was on a TV show called Romper Room when I was 9 years old (that’s for all you 80’s babies)
  • My guilty pleasures: Empire (cause who doesn’t love them some Cookie!), chocolate milkshakes, anything on HGTV and old school jams!
  • Want my full story? Come visit me here: MY LOVE STORY


Come say Hi! @TimeeshaDuncan