5 Simple Things You Can Do Today to Get The Attention of Influencers

5 Simple Things You Can Do Today to Get The Attention of Influencers

Ever felt like you wanted to be connected with a certain influencer in your industry but didn’t know how to get their attention without feeling like a groupie?

Here are 5 simple ways you can get their attention without losing your dignity. I am 60% introvert, which means I HATE reaching out to people (real talk) so I love these strategies because I have tried all 5 of them and they worked and have led to me fostering some of my best business relationships!

  1. Share their content on social media – Because isn’t that what it’s all about? Who doesn’t love when someone shares their content.  Any good and smart influencer would highly appreciate you for sharing their content and may even give you a shout out on their own platform for sharing their content.


  1. Ask them to be a guest on your blog or podcast. This by far has been one of the easiest ways I have been able to connect with some of the influencers I admired by simply asking them to be a guest on my show!  Don’t have a podcast or blog – start one! It cost you nothing to get started.


  1. Give them a review. Do they have a book on Amazon, a Podcast Show on iTunes, have you purchased one of their products? Give them a review!  Then email them and let them know you’ve given them a stellar review and ask what else you can do to support their (book, podcast show, product, etc…)


  1. Post a video testimonial on your own page and tag them in the post! If you love what they are doing, have supported their book, program etc.., create a video to let your audience know how amazing they are! They will love you for it!


  1. Comment on their posts! While I have been not so great at doing this, I can tell you that people who have done this to me have stood out and made a huge impression, so much so that I have forged relationships and collaborations with people who have simply been consistent in supporting my business!


  1. Bonus Tip: Show up on their live streams and contribute. No one likes to talk to an empty (virtual) room. They need people to show and engage with them. What better way to get their attention than to show up when they go live, and engage. When they ask a question, or feedback, participate. Ask your own questions and engage. Then send them an email or DM or messenger comment telling them how much you appreciated their live today. (And don’t forget to share it out!)


What it all balls down to is this – Show that you care!

Don’t think they don’t read your comments – they do! Trust me.  Even for those who you think are far out of reach (aka have 100K followers) They need feedback from their readers to create their own content, so trust me they are paying attention to you!


This one strategy got me 27 new clients in 90 seconds…

This one strategy got me 27 new clients in 90 seconds…

This one strategy got me 27 new clients in 90 seconds….

You wouldn’t believe it if I told you but it’s true.  It’s a strategy you can use regardless what industry you’re in.

What strategy am I talking about?  Facebook Groups.

I know, I know.  You probably have a love hate relationship with Facebook Groups as do I.  But here are 3 reasons why you should be using them:

  1. Facebook Groups are a great way to get in front of your targeted audience. Most people who have joined a group have joined because they have the same interests, goals, needs and or wants.


  1. It’s a perfect place to gain intel on the struggles, concerns and desires your ideal clients want solved. Aka – Market Research.  Need content on what to post?  See what questions are being asked inside the group and write a blog post, or do a video about it. Need to know what to include in your next program? Listen to the conversations that are already happening!


  1. You can position yourself as an expert by adding value and answering questions inside the group. This is the one tip that got me 27 clients!  Now, here’s what I DON’T want you to do… NEVER, EVER, EVER go inside the group and start talking about your products and services. It is a complete turn off. Instead, give value and nonchalantly tell people what to do.  For example, you could say something like, “If you want to get more engagement on FB, post more organic/native post. I tell my clients to use the 15/10 rule.  Post 15 posts a week and 10 of them should engage friends and family and 5 should be about your business.”  So, I casually mentioned that I teach people on what this person wants to know, and if they are interested, they will continue the conversation!


So how did I gain 27 clients in 90 seconds… Well, I joined a Facebook group where I knew my ideal clients were hanging out in droves and I continuously added value inside the group, so much so that people would tag me when someone had a question.   When the time was right, I posted that I was looking for 3 people to join an intensive program with me and 27 people immediately asked to be a part of the program!

So, don’t be afraid to give value and go where your ideal clients are hanging out!  But be consistent, if you only pop in once a month this won’t work.


How To Be Unique {2 Things You Have to Do to Stand Out}

How To Be Unique {2 Things You Have to Do to Stand Out}

Have you ever wondered what that really means…How to be unique?
As you build your brand you’ll hear experts, business coaches and other successful people tell you, (in my Fran Drescher voice)… In order to stand out you’ve got to be unique”.
Saying that you have to be unique is such as vague statement.  Because unique can mean different things to different people. So how do you know you’re doing it right, or even doing “it” at all?
There are 2 important questions you need to ask yourself that will easily give you instant ways on how you are unique and how to use that to get more dreamy clients who want your services.
1.  Ask yourself… What do you do for people? 
And really give this some thought.  Don’t just say, “I sell hair extensions”.  That’s not what you do for people.  Yes you are exchanging hair extensions for money.  But, when you sell your hair extensions… think about how that makes the buyer feel?
Does that make her look and feel sexy, confident? – That’s what you do for people.
So instead of saying, “I sell hair extensions”… say, “I make my clients look good and feel sexy with my top of the line hair extensions”.  That might sound a little corny, but you get the point.
[bctt tweet="People don’t buy products or services, they buy feelings."]
  1. How does what you do make a difference?

And don’t think that you don’t make a difference, because you do, even if it’s the smallest, minute difference, it changes the life of someone even if its for a short time.

Back to my hair girl – she makes a difference because when her clients buy her hair and get their hair done, they feel like they are on top of the world. They feel confident, like they can take on anything. They feel empowered. – That’s the difference you make.

So, here’s your homework for today. Tonight I want you to sit down and really give thought to these two questions and answer them honestly and candidly. Don’t hold back and don’t censor yourself. Something that you might think is silly, strange or small might move mountains for someone else and just might be the one thing that sets you apart and makes them want to work with you!

Want to join a fun challenge?  Visit me on my private Facebook Group and complete the 2 day challenge and enter to win my 2016 Brand Strategy Guide FREE.

5 Things You Must Do Now to Reach Your Highly Targeted Audience

5 Things You Must Do Now to Reach Your Highly Targeted Audience

5 Things to Reach Your Target Audience

Has this ever happened to you?

You create something awesome that you just know the world is going to devour once they get wind of your new product/ service/ idea…

You put it in the atmosphere, but then you hear crickets…

Nobody buys. And you can’t figure out for the life of Beyoncé why it’s not selling like Christian Louboutins at a yard sale…

I can almost guarantee that it has something to do with the way you’re marketing and most importantly who you’re marketing to.

Those days of just building it and they will come are long gone honey chile. The industry is so saturated that you’ve got to be intentional on who you are targeting and why they need to pay attention to you.

If you want to find your highly targeted ideal target audience, you must do these 5 things first:  

  1. Create Your Client Profile

The biggest reason why I see many of my clients not connecting with their audience is because they don’t know who they are talking to. Saying your client is in her late 20s-30s, lives in the DMV area and wants a luxury wedding is not enough. That could also be the profile of someone who will never value your services and thinks she’s a no-it-all that can do everything herself. Knowing her wants, need and desires will help you craft the perfect message to deliver what she wants from you.

Today is your lucky day because I have included my detailed client profile cheat sheet so you can start creating the perfect client profile now! Download it here.


  1. Ask Yourself: What problem do you solve?

You want to get crystal clear on what problem you solve. Every purchase is driven behind a problem someone wants solved, even if they didn’t know it existed. So be clear on what it is you do for your clients. For example, does your ideal client want to lose weight but she loves food so much and she can’t stop eating? Which brings me to # 3….


  1. Ask Yourself: Why is she looking for your service?

We know why you want to sell your product or service…because you’re darn good at it! But that’s not why she is looking for you…in fact, she probably doesn’t even know you yet.   To really rock this, you’ve gotta take off your girlboss hat and step into your ideal client’s mind and ask yourself what is going through her/his head before she starts her quest to actually look for help aka you.

This one takes a little thought… you’ve gotta think a little deeper than the obvious pain point. For example, your ideal client might be looking for a health coach to help stop her cravings of eating food too much. But why does she want to stop the cravings? Is it because she is starting to look like a stuffed sausage in her clothes? Is it because she’s constantly disrespected at work because she appears sloppy and lazy because she’s overweight? Or maybe she’s having a hard time finding a man because she doesn’t feel attractive anymore.

Talk to these pain points, not just what’s on the surface.


  1. What is the ultimate result your ideal clients are looking to achieve? 

So basically, what would make her whip out her credit card and give you an emphatic yes! to purchasing your product or service?

Again, take off the girlboss hat and become your client. One tip I tell my peeps is to think about the times you didn’t hesitate to purchase something you wanted. What made your purchase a no-brainer for you? Was it price, was it quality, did it make you feel good, look good, did it satisfy your desire to look sexy, feed your growling belly, did it make you feel important? Now how can you help your ideal client achieve the same feeling?


  1. Where does she/he hang out?

So many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking they have to be every single place online (and offline sometimes). But if your ideal client isn’t someone who is regularly on Facebook, why would you advertise there? (Although the entire world seems to be on Facebook, but we’ll talk about this in a future post). Or why are you paying $150 a month to publish an ad in a magazine that may have gotten you 3 inquires over the past 8 months? When you know exactly who your ideal clients are it will become easier to find them.

Here’s a helpful tip: Start with Facebook Groups (Or Meetup Groups in your local community) Look for targeted (Facebook) groups where your ideal clients are already having conversations on the things they are struggling with the most and try to be a source of value FIRST before you pitch the sale.

If you want to stand out in 2016, you need this!

If you want to stand out in 2016, you need this!

I love the newness of the New Year. It’s like you have a clean slate to start things all over again and do bigger and better things and forget the rest.

My friends and I have a tradition where each year at our annual NYE midnight brunch we all write down one goal we want to accomplish for the new year and store it in a box. Then we open the box a year later to see if we accomplished it. 

So last night we opened the box from 2014/2015, and you know what happened right? Lol…

Half the people forgot what they wrote as their goal for 2015! (They will kill me for telling you this, so don’t expose me)

Mine of course was on point, lol.

And while we had some good laughs and clowned some people behind it, it made me think. 

Everyone gets in a frenzy planning goals for the New Year, but by the end of the year they’re disappointed because they didn’t reach them, or they forget what their resolution was in the first place.

I used to be like that until I created my secret weapon.

So tell me, what’s your ultimate goal for this year?

For me, I want to help more people develop their business into a clear and cohesive brand and attract more of their ideal clients.  I also want to help people by sharing more of my personal journey and what goes on behind the scenes of my life and my business.

So to kick the New Year off with a bang, I am letting you in behind the scenes of how I plan my business by sharing my Brand Strategy Guide for 2016.  This is my step-by-step guide that I use to develop my brand, set my business, personal and financial goals for the entire year.  This guide is my bible and it has helped me soooo much. It helps me create all my brilliant ideas for my biz, what I want my business to look like, feel like for my clients and even sound like when I am writing my love letters to you.  I also plan out all of programs,products and services and set my monthly and annual financial goals. 

I want to help you start the New Year off with a bang too, so I’m offering the guide for just $20.16 but only for a short time. 

If you want to get clear on what you want your business to look like for 2016, and strategize how you plan to make money in it, get this guide now.

You can get instant access here and for $20 bucks, it’s a no brainer.

It’s a game changer for your business.

Stay tuned for some major announcements starting next week! 



Looking for a few Rockstars to Join the Team!


Hey Bombshells!

The Bombshell Business Academy is growing! We are looking for a few rockstars to join the team!

We are looking for #girlbosses and #bossbabes who are stylish and have a keen eye for modern glam. Your favorite color is either gold, black, white or pink! You follow IG pages like @bombshellbusinessacademy and @bossbabe.inc. You know that girls run the world and are all about women empowerment and want to be a part of something great that makes a difference in peoples lives. You stay up to date on the latest technology and like researching new things!

Available Internships:

Social Media Manager – Can be virtual
If you enjoy creating and posting pretty pictures on Instagram and Facebook, we need you! This ideal candidate loves and is incredibly good at creating images, facebook ads, instagram posts and is obsessed with Pinterest. You will be responsible for creating, posting and managing branded content to our social media pages and our private Facebook group page. Will require 5-10 hours per week. If interested, please submit your resume, cover letter, instagram handle and examples of your work or images for social media.

Rockstar Assistant (Internship) – Must be located in Atlanta
I’m looking for my new leading lady (or man) to assist me with day to day duties, which will include answering emails, managing calendar, making appointments, follow-up calls, creating proposals, PR, blogging, sending out electronic newsletters, and providing stellar customer service to our Bombshell clients. This person must have exceptional professional and communication skills, is a natural born #goalgetter, assertive, tactful and personable. Will require 5-15 hours per week. If interested please submit resume and cover letter with instagram handle.

This is a paid internship. (All interns will receive a stipend at the end of each month)

We are looking to build our dream team so these internships have potential to become permanent positions.

If interested, please email your resume and cover letter explaining why you are the woman/ (or man) for the job! Boring cover letters will not be read.  Please also include your IG handle.

Send to: timeesha@timeeshaduncan.com

Serious inquiries only!



Top 10 Ways to Rocking it on Instagram and Double Your Followers

10 Rockstar Tips for Instagram


You’ve probably heard people tell you all kinds of tips, tricks and apps to “double your following” on Instagram.  But, I’m here to tell you most of that is just fluff.   We #bossbabes don’t have time to waste, so here is the real skinny on how to authentically grow your followers:


  1. Your Instagram feed should look like a magazine. Think Pinterest without the conversation.  If you truly want to attract new followers to your page, you’ve got to give them a reason to want to follow you.  You should post with intention to gain new followers who don’t know you, not for the people who already follow you.  Remember, new people are looking at your entire feed to see if they like what you post on a regular basis and decide if they want that same stuff in their feed every day.  If you have one nice picture of an event you did, but 6 pictures of your fat cat, Mr. Pickles, you probably won’t gain a lot of followers.  Pickles may be cute and all, but I don’t want to see him in my feed all the time.  Your page needs to be the essence of what you offer and want to be known for.   If you are a caterer, post about the food you cook, give recipes, or show beautifully plated meals.   If you are a stylist, post collages on different outfits, swoon worthy pumps and accessories, celebrity fashion or ask your followers to choose your next #OOTD. (Outfit of the Day).


A great example of this is one of my besties, Kesha Lambert of  Kesha Lambert Photography.  Kesha is a celebrity photographer, and takes some of the most beautiful wedding photography shots I have ever seen.  Here page is literally a visual portfolio of her work. Below is a screenshot of just some of the goodness she puts into the atmosphere.

image1 (1)


Another great example of this is Alex, of @bossbabe.inc who posts the hottest quotes we have all grown to love and adore her for.  She has created a worldwide “Bossbabe” movement just from her quote images. They are consistent and you always know what to expect from her.  She keeps things that are off brand to her personal page.

image1 (2)

  1. Post Behind the Scenes Stuff – We have an obsession of seeing what people are doing “Behind the Scenes”. So post a little bit about what goes into making your business and YOU so fabulous.  Are you buying supplies for a floral arrangement, post an image of the prep or the flowers before they are cut and styled into a beautiful arrangement.  Are you working on a special project, post a desk shot of your work or you working hard on the computer.


  1. Make your page public. Nobody is going to follow a private page.  Remember, we are not talking about the people who already know and love you, we are talking about people who want to get to know you.  If your page is private, you’re automatically sending a message that you are not interested in getting any new friends. Think of it this way, how would you feel if you went to a store in the middle of the day and it was closed?  You’re not going to send a note to the owner and “request” them to open the door… you are going to keep it moving. And that’s what people will do when they come to your private page – Keep It Movin’. It you want to keep things private (like pictures of your kids) consider making a personal page for friends and family that know you, but your business page should always be public.


  1. Don’t buy followers. So many people get caught up with the idea of looking popular so they go out and buy followers to look important. But here’s the thing…you can have 50,000 followers but if none of them buy your products or services, what’s the point? Now, I am not talking about marketing your page to real targeted followers via Facebook Ads or Instagram Marketing.  Im talking about just paying for accounts that have no intention of taking any action on your page.  If you take nothing away from this little lesson, then remember this: Your posts should turn into profits.  If they don’t, you need to go back to the drawing board.  And guess what else? When you buy followers people can tell.  I can’t tell you how many pages I’ve seen where they have 30,000 followers, but only have 10 likes at most on their pictures.  Now… Are you trying to tell me that out of 30,000 followers, only 10 people find interest in what you post?  Very unlikely.  And if that doesn’t convince you maybe this will… Instagram is cracking down on the fake accounts and deleting them. So you can look like you have 5,000 followers today and tomorrow you have 25.  So be careful.


  1. Use apps like Afterlight, VSCO Cam, and Tadaa to enhance your photos. I can bet you that 85% of the beautiful pages you follow that have the most stunning images are not taken with a professional camera. That honestly takes up to much time and work.   They are using photo editing apps straight from their phone to brighten and enhance their pictures. You might have a great shot but it might be too dark… use one of these apps to give it a lift and make it pop.  I have each one of these apps (and a few more) on my phone and they are all very easy to learn and manage.  Trust me, I don’t have time to figure anything out, so these work perfect for me. A beautiful page like Coco Tafoya’s @deluxemodern uses Tadaa for her pictures!


  1. Don’t be afraid to advertise on Instagram. Studies show that people are shopping for things via Instagram, and I’m living proof of that. I get several inquiries a week just from people seeing my posts on Instagram alone. Instagram is the new way to market your products, services and events online. So take advantage of this platform and “shout it out”!


  1. Ask people to share your posts. Believe it or not, when you ask for the share or the tag, people will do it.  You can simply add a line at the bottom of your posts that says, “Tag 3 friends who would love this”.  I have even created a location that says “Tag a Friend” so I can easily add it to a post I think is sharable.  Liking and sharing posts leads to new followers (which leads to new followers!)


  1. Cut down on the #hashtags. Hashtags are good, don’t get me wrong, but too many of them make you look spammy and desperate. If you do use hashtags, don’t use generic hashtags like “instagood” or “business”, use targeted ones that are specific to your industry. This makes it easy for your dream clients to find you on IG and this way you don’t get riffraff followers that don’t have an interest in buying your products or services.


  1. Always check your entire feed after you post something. If you post a picture that doesn’t compliment your entire feed, delete it and save it for another time.  Sometimes we put things out there because we think it looks good, but it doesn’t do anything for the overall brand.  Again, save those things for personal (or private) pages and post with your entire visual brand in mind.


  1. And my #1 tip to organically double your following on Instagram is this… Say Hello! Yep, that’s it.  Now, I can’t take full credit for this one, as this was shared with me by my boo, @HilaryRushford (who has an amazing Instagram class by the way).  But I can tell you this because I have done it myself and it works.  When you like and comment on other people’s pages, they will see you in their timeline and will be more inclined to come check your page out and see who you are.  But, hold the phone – this is twofold.   You have to follow rule #1 in order for this to work effectively.   If your feed is filled with beautiful images, 9 times of out 10 – you will gain a new follower.  If your feed is filled with junk…then it probably won’t work for you.  What I love most about this tip is that you have gained a real follower that will like and comment on your posts and maybe even buy your products.   Way more valuable than a bunch of fake followers.


Want more bombshell business tips?  Follow me at @bombshellbusinessacademy on IG!

image1 (3)

Bombshells in Business – Shatasha From Sophisticated Event by Shatasha

Bombshells in Business – Shatasha From Sophisticated Event by Shatasha

Today’s Bombshell in Business is Shatasha of Sophisticated Events By Shatasha.  Sophisticated Events By Shatasha is a full service wedding and event planning company located in Duluth, Georgia, approximately 30 minutes outside of Atlanta. Shatasha has been in the wedding and event planning business for many years, but Sophisticated Events wasn’t launched until May of 2012. Below, Shatasha shares how she overcame some of her biggest challenges and gives important advice for wedding planners just starting out.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.58.55 AMWhy Did You Start Your Business?

I started SEBS for several reasons. First, I have always been an independent, go against the grain kinda of girl and the challenges and adventure offered through the entrepreneurial experience speaks to me in a special way. Second, I love to be involved in the most special moments in people’s lives and what can be more special than the day someone unites with the one they love. It’s simply one of the most beautiful moments.

What Was Your Biggest Challenge and How Did You Overcome it?

One of the biggest challenges I have faced in my business has been overcoming, what I call the value equivalency test. Because a great deal of what we do is behind the scenes, and is not a tangible product that you can touch, it is sometimes difficult getting clients to understand the true value of what you bring to the table for their big day. I have managed to overcome this obstacle by providing detailed and specific situations in which having a seasoned planner on your team will not only save the client money, but will also help you maintain your sanity, while bringing together the vision they have for your wedding day.

What Was The Best Business Advice Ever Given To You?

Don’t be afraid to allow your business to reflect who you are and what’s important to you. In doing so, you’re less likely to compromise your standards or your brand.

How do you deal with fear?Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 12.10.28 PM

Prayer, prayer and more prayer. Additionally, utilizing my peer network to provide insight and guidance.

How did you get your first client?

Once SEBS officially launched, my first client was sent to me through a referral from a former bridal client.

What do you love most about what you do?

What I love most about what I do, is the creativity and the level of detail involved in each wedding we do. I also love developing the experience couples will be able to carry into their tomorrow’s and beyond.

What’s the one thing we would be surprised to know about you?

I have four degrees – an associate, a bachelor’s and two master degrees and none of them have anything to do with weddings or events.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 12.24.46 PMWhen you’re not running your business, you could be found doing what?

Working on my book.

Describe your business in three words:

Sophisticated, Blessed, Energized.

What advice would you give someone trying to break into the business?

The best advice I can offer to someone who’s trying to break into the wedding industry is to learn as much as you can, take some courses to keep your skills fresh, never stop learning and network, network, network with your fellow colleagues in the industry.

What’s next for your business?

We are preparing to expand our event planning line of business, as well as launch our accessories line.


8 Tips to Getting Organized,  Clear the Clutter in Your Life and Make 2015 The Best Year Ever!

8 Tips to Getting Organized, Clear the Clutter in Your Life and Make 2015 The Best Year Ever!

Best Year Ever

You know I love all things business and branding, but in order to have a banging business, you have to start with yourself.  If your personal life is not in order you can’t expect to have a business that’s rocking. Here are my 8 tips for getting organized, clearing the clutter in your life and make 2015 the Best Year Ever!


  1. Unsubscribe from annoying emails. There is nothing like feeling overwhelmed when your inbox is flooded with junk emails.  If you find yourself deleting or not opening emails from a particular person or mailing list go ahead and unsubscribe from them.  Chances are if you haven’t read it yet, you probably never will and if you are getting bombarded with 100’s of emails a day (like me) you definitely are not going to go back and read these later.  Get rid of them and start unsubscribing from their mailing list as you get them.


  1. Unfollow peeps on Instagram/ Twitter/Facebook. Yep I said it.  We waste SO MUCH TIME on social media following people who are not making us better or impacting the bottom line of our business.  In fact, we get depressed after seeing someone who is doing big things, and that “oh I could never do this” feeling creeps up on us…  Or even better, here is the not so obvious scenario: You go on Facebook to post for your business and 2 hours later, you still haven’t posted anything, but have watched 23 stupid videos about cats, shared somebody else’s stupid video about cats or some idiot prank, commented on your friends posts, took a quiz, went through a competitors timeline and the list goes on.  Your time is money.  Time wasted is less time spent doing things that will bring you closer to your goals.  Ask yourself this question – do you even know all the people you follow? If not, then it’s time to clean it up.


  1. Turn off alerts. This goes hand in hand with #2.  You don’t need to get an alert for every single email, or picture your friends post, or comment someone makes to your post.  This is especially true if you are a part of any groups on Facebook.  This is just another tool to distract you.  You go to check the comment, or post, and then once again you are on social media for another 45 minutes… you guessed it… wasting time.  Make it a habit to check email once or twice a day.  This is hard for most of us since we are addicted to our phones (me included).   But try it at least for one week.  I promise you will get more done in that week than you have the whole month.  Check it once in the am and once at night. Or once midday to give time for morning emails to come through and again in early evening.  Make it a habit to “shut off” business mode if possible in the evening so you can give 100% of yourself to your family, or just to yourself!  Then you can approach your business the next day with fresh eyes and a fresh mind.


  1. Clean your house. If your home is cluttered and all over the place, how do you expect your business to be any different.   Give yourself a home detox and clear the physical clutter that’s currently in your life.  Take one room at a time, grab 3 boxes and label them Keep, Donate, Trash. Go through your stuff and sort accordingly.  Split it up over days or weeks so you don’t get overwhelmed.  I usually do this at least twice a year and donate the things I don’t want to the Salvation Army – they even come and pick it up for you (and you can use this as tax write-off)!  I have even donated furniture.  You’d be surprise how detoxifying this is for your mental space when you get rid of the physical junk around you.


  1. Get a calendar. Get in the habit of putting your ish down in your calendar.  (And carry it with you) Or get a phone app. I personally use Google Calendars and my sexy planner from Sugar Paper…  I have two phones (don’t judge me), an iPad, laptop and desktop computer. No matter what device I’m on, I can access my calendar. This also helps me stay on top of the all the things we savvy business people have to do every day to make the world a better place.


  1. Start your morning off with some inspirational text. I make it a habit to read the bible every day before I do anything so I can have my mind affixed on positive things throughout the day. Whatever that is for you, make it a habit to read it daily and you will be much happier.


  1. Set yourself up for the next day. If you’re a mommy like me, pick out your kids clothes for the next day the night before.  Pick out your own clothes for the next day also.  Wash the dishes before you go to bed or at least put them in the dishwasher.  Do you have to fix breakfast? Plan the meal the night before.  When you wake up to clutter, it sets the wrong tone for the day.   Lastly, look at your calendar (#5) and know what’s on your agenda for tomorrow and identify the top 3 things you need to tackle.  When you wake up you are ready to seize the day, 6 inch heels and all!


  1. Make your bed. So this one is kinda funny because growing up I hated making my bed. My father drilled it in me to make my bed.  He would come in my room, open the shades and let the sun shine in strong. I couldn’t leave the house until my bed was made.  It was annoying when I was younger, but now that I have my own house, I can’t stand to see my bed unmade.  The hubby hates when I open the curtains to let “the sun shine in strong” but I gives me the battery I need to get my day started with a bang, plus it’s kinda a habit now, lol.  It’s something about making the bed that says, ok I am ready to take on the day.  It kinda seals the deal that it’s time to go out and make the donuts.


I promise you start making these a part of your regular routine, you will be well on your way to having the best year ever for 2015.

Before you go, I want to know how you plan on making 2015 the best year ever? Please leave me a comment below.



Stuck on whether to brand your own name or company name on Instagram? READ THIS.

Stuck on whether to brand your own name or company name on Instagram? READ THIS.

Stuck on branding instagram


Ok so can I just say that it is downright exhausting sometimes to stay consistent on social media?  This is literally a full-time job.  Some people happen to love being on social media all day, every day, but most of us have a life, business, full-time job, kids (insert whatever else here) to run and just don’t have time or patience for it.

There is a science to this thing, and I will have an expert break it down for you very soon (so stayed tuned!) But for now, what you need to know is this – social media is muy importante to your business gorgeous.  Whether you like it or not, you gotta do it, because your dream client, you know the one you want to buy anything you sell… he/she is on social media EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, actually looking for YOU!

Instagram just so happens to be my favorite social media platform.  From my own personal experience, when I started Instagram, I literally had an account for every part of my business.  I had an account for Tim Duncan Events, Linen Loft, Luxe Branding Co, Tim and Lilly and was contemplating creating one for the Bombshell Business Academy.   My head was spinning.  Managing 4 different accounts on a daily basis gave me a headache, and ain’t nobody got time for that.   For a while I contemplated on creating one account under my name but was afraid I wouldn’t get much traffic because, who the heck is @TimeeshaDuncan anyway? I thought if I wanted followers I had to use my cutesy names that people would be more interested in.

But the holy grail in getting traffic and followers on Instagram is not in the name but in your hashtags. Hashtags are the words you see with the # symbol in front of them.  (#Iamthebomb)

Based on my own experience I found It much easier (and enjoyable) to post only under my name @timeeshaduncan.  I could post whatever I wanted because it all related back to me and my business. It feels more like fun and less like an annoying job I have to do.  And it also helps as a personal branding tool, because, um… I am my brand! It also gives my brand personality, because I can post about event décor, business tips, my superhero 3 year old, some hot Christian Louboutin pumps I’m stalking or a clip from a dance I’m choreographing and show the different facets of my life.

Plus, it’s much easier for someone to find me if they can’t remember my business name, find my business card or blog, etc…

Do what works best for you, but I’m all for using your own name to brand you!


What’s your Instagram name and tell us what’s working best for you below!